About Me

From the very first moment that your baby is placed into your arms you fall head over heels in unconditional love.

I, as a mum of two, know exactly what that feeling is like and you just simply cannot beat it. It is pure and simply magical.

I also know just how quickly they change and grow before our eyes. The Newborn stage (within the first two weeks) especially passes by in a flash, and it’s hard to remember just how they were. This is why I am so passionate about capturing those special moments that you will treasure forever. However, if you miss out on the newborn stage, I would be honoured to photograph your baby as they grow.

Newborn sessions are offered up to 8 weeks of age. After this stage the best time to capture your baby is at the Sitter stage when they are sitting up unaided and their first birthday, a wonderful way to celebrate the occasion.

Baby Led Sessions

To capture the very best images, the sessions are completely baby led. I will work with your baby and attend to their every need. This ensures that they are settled and calm resulting in the most beautiful imagery. The number one compliment that I receive from my clients. is just how patient I am. This, therefore, promotes a tranquil environment for both you and your baby. Parents often take the time to sit back, relax and watch me create magic with their little ones, I even have many dads fall asleep on the comfortable studio sofa, exactly what any new parent needs.



I have been a specialist newborn photographer since 2017 and have loved developing my business to become one of the leading international newborn photographers.

I have had clients visit me from all over the world, the most recent from Switzerland. I have had the honour of photographing over 400 babies and won countless awards for my work through The Guild of Photographers, including Top 10 International Newborn and Baby Photographer 2018 and 2019 and runner up image of the year 2019 and runner up Newborn and Baby Photographer of the year 2021. In addition I am the preferred newborn and baby photographer for Mamas and Papas UK.

I am a Master Craftsman of Newborn and Baby Photography awarded by The Guild of Photographers in September 2021, an accolade that only  a few people in the world have. I am an approved ambassador for the Guild giving guidance and help to aspiring photographers to achieve their dreams. I am also a member of The Baby and Newborn Network who promote the safe working practices in Newborn Photography. I am trained in first aid and refresh my training annually. 

I pride myself on the highest standard of imagery and will provide you with an individual service that you will love.


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