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Measures put into place to minimise any risks at the studio

Due to the current situation in the United Kingdom and the concerning press coverage in regard to the Coronavirus, I wanted to let you know the measures that I am taking to reassure you that the studio is safe and I am committed to the good health and well being of each and every little client.

I am closely monitoring the situation and government advice, but have put in place some extra measures to keep the exceptional level of hygiene that I believe necessary for a newborn photography studio.

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As you may or may not know, my purpose built newborn studio is located in the garden of my beautiful home, therefore I will be asking everybody that enters the premises to wash their hands. The bathroom is located as soon as you walk through the door, so this should eliminate any germs immediately.

Due to the nature of my work, I always ensure that the studio is spotlessly clean and I continually use hand gel throughout the session as standard, but in addition I have planned for a deep clean of the studio this weekend and will ensure this is carried out regularly going forward. Cleanliness and safety is paramount in a newborn and baby photography studio as standard, but this will only help in managing any risks.

I am also ensuring that the studio is covered in disinfectant sprays upon all surfaces at all times, this is a practice that I do as standard anyway after every client, however, I am ensuring that this is done even more regularly to minimise any dangers.

Newborn photography and the coronavirus

I have not visited or do not plan to visit any of the known areas specified by the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) as at risk since the outbreak and therefore do not pose as a threat. Should myself or a family member contract the disease or any related symptoms, we will isolate for the recommended 14 days and all sessions will be postponed. Should there be a cause to cancel any sessions due to isolation of my family a full refund will be issued. I am lucky enough to know a wonderful bunch of fantastic photographers and I would be more than happy to offer recommendations where necessary. Please be rest assured that your session is safe and secure if you have booked or are planning to book. Lets face it, I pretty much self isolate anyway. I am only ever in the studio or at my desk editing, its a good job I am in love with what I do.

In an event that a client has visited one of the known at risk areas I would ask them not to visit the studio under any circumstances, until they have completed their isolation period. If a client has to go into isolation when they are due to attend their session, I ask you to contact me as soon as you are aware and your session will be rearranged. It is important to remember that your health comes first, everything else can be sorted. Should you need to cancel your session for any reason my terms and conditions state that your session fee will not be refunded, however during these times of uncertainty I will review each case individually.

I am hoping that this will reassure all my clients that I am taking the necessary precautions at the studio and it is very much business as usual. Your baby’s newborn stage goes by so fast and I am so excited to capture this special time for you. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to go through everything.


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