Operating Procedures

 Studio Re-opening 


To ensure that Sarah Smith Photography is compliant with the Government guidelines (all information can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19). I have put together a new set of operating procedures to safeguard my clients when they come to the studio. From start to finish, I want to ensure each session is as safe as possible. Safety is paramount at the studio and will not be compromised in any way. Please see operating procedures below….

 Studio Operating Procedures 

The purpose built Sarah Smith Photography newborn studio is located in the garden of my home, therefore anyone visiting will be asked to comply to the below procedures. If anyone is found not to follow these procedures they will be asked to leave the studio and my home.

~ There will only be one client / session in the studio per day. This will allow for a deep clean after each session. Missed sessions through from March to present will be scheduled in chronological order.

~ I will ask that only one parent attend each session with their baby. If family / sibling images are desired, they will take place at either the beginning or end of the session to reduce the time spent in studio. Clients will be directed to how to pose from a safe distance. Family / sibling sessions are to be arranged prior to the session.

~ All persons will require Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) upon arrival to the studio. Each individual is required to provide their own PPE. PPE for the client should include gloves, mask and hand sanitiser. I (Sarah Smith the Photographer) will be dressed in full medically approved PPE. This will consist of gloves, mask (N95 for newborn sessions), visor, and an apron. Masks will be mandatory at all times and will only be removed or altered if necessary and only when the 2m distance rule can be adhered to.

~ If I have experience any covid-19 symtoms no matter how mild, I will self isolate in accordance with government guidelines. All sessions will be rescheduled. If a client or any member of their household are showing any symtoms I will ask them to notify me as soon as possible and their session will be rescheduled.

~ I will reduce the amount of time spent in studio. This may result in a smaller variety of poses/ set ups, depending on the client.


~ To reach the studio you will be invited through to the garden of my home, via the garage and utility room. All doors will be open so that you are not required to touch anything as you pass.

~ Hand washing facilities will be available in the utility room. Soap and hand sanitiser will be available and everyone will be asked to wash their hands before entering the studio.

~ A hand sanitisation station will also be available outside the studio doors. Everyone will be asked to sanitise their hands upon every entry and exit to the studio.

~ No shoes are to be warn in the studio and the client will be asked to remove them upon entry to the studio.
~ It will be prohibited for any client to open and close the studio doors. I will operate the doors at all times. Another hand sanitisation station will be located in the studio, by the client area, this should be used throughout the session. The Photographer will have and will be using a separate hand sanitiser as standard.

~ Once in the studio, the client will be directed to the client area and this is where the client will be asked to stay throughout the duration of the session. The client area will be clearly marked out by the use of tape on the floor. The client must not exit this are during the session, unless the 2m distance rule can be adhered to. The client area has a comfortable sofa for the client to sit on, this will be fitted with a throw so that it can be washed at a high temperature after every session. If the session is for a newborn, sitter, first birthday the baby will remain with the parent until after the safety briefing as standard. Once the session is able to commence the baby will be handed over to me and the session will begin.

~ All sample albums, print boxes, USB display boxes, wall art will not be available to look through as usual, but I will be able to show you these upon request from a 2m distance away.

~ Once settled a full safety and procedure briefing will be ran through. Once this is concluded and fully understood the session will commence.

~ Outfits and props can be provided for your session, or you are welcome to bring your own. Outfits will either be washed at a high temperature after every session, or if this is not possible they will either be sanitised or left for 72 hours before they will be used again. Each outfit and prop will be treated individually depending on the nature, material and usage of the prop. Any prop or outfit that cannot be cleaned in an appropriate way will be disposed of, and a small charge be put to the client. Props and outfits will be discussed and agreed prior to the session.

~ Once a baby session is in process the baby will not be passed back to the parent / client unless they are distressed, need feeding etc. As always the session will be baby led and the baby’s needs will be met as a priority. If a baby soils during a newborn session, I will ask the parent / client to attend to the baby whilst I stand at a 2m distance away.

~ Posing the baby will kept to a minimum and session time will be reduced, however the gallery of images will not be compromised.

~ There are no toilet facilities at the studio, however they are located on the ground floor of my home, right next to the front door. These facilities will be disinfected before your arrival to the studio and again when you leave. Should you require the facilities whilst you are at the studio you will be escorted to the bathroom. This will ensure that you do not have to touch any door handles etc. Your baby will need to accompany you to the toilet. My family will use the bathroom facilities upstairs in our home during the whole session, so the toilet provided for my clients will be kept solely for them.

~ There will be no facilities to sterilise any baby equipment, including soothers and bottles. There will also be no baby wipes, muslin cloths, cotton wool available at the studio. The client must therefore bring with them everything that the baby will need for the whole session.

All clients must adhere to all the above procedures. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions. I can’t wait to welcome you back soon.

Any questions?

We chose Sarah for our newborn photoshoot and we are so glad that we did. The whole experience was lovely, our son was just 9 days old and as first time parents we were a little bit clueless, but Sarah was just so welcoming and helpful. The whole session went at a really relaxed pace, even when our little man wouldn’t behave and pose! The photos are just incredible, we are so happy with them, thank you so much Sarah.

Lucy Cornelius


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