covid-19 and the studio 

The studio is currently open and its business as usual.

The closures of the studio throughout the pandemic has hit my business very hard, however safety is my overriding principle in my studio and this will not be compromised in anyway. As I specialise in newborn photography, the risks are higher, due to the close proximity I have to be in with your baby and the length of time that the session lasts for. However, the studio is open as usual and I will continue to follow the Covid compliant operating system and procedures laid out throughout. Please see below for all the steps that I am taking to minimise the risks and keep you safe during your session.


I am delighted to say that the studio is open. Newborn and Family Photography is a big part of me and I will look forward to welcoming you all to the studio as usual. If you have any questions on any of the below, please feel free to contact me via the contact form above.

 Post Lockdown Changes to the Studio

I have put a number of changes in place to remain compliant with the government guidelines and to keep my clients safe, these are just some of the things that I plan to do:

~ Posed newborns will not carried out in the studio until I am given the go ahead from the government. I anticipate that this will be in line with the guidelines for hairdressers and beauticians, due to the close proximity I have to my clients. However, that being said, I plan to photograph newborns, along with their families outdoors or within a clients own garden. This will be an exciting new venture and something that each of my clients will treasure, during this challenging time.

~ As usual, I will continue to only have one session a day. This not only allows me to ensure that I take my time to capture the very best images for you, but will ensure that I have time to deep clean the studio after every client. Props, outfits etc will be fully sanitised where possible. Those that cannot be sanitised will be left for a period of 72 hours to avoid any cross contamination. The client area will be stripped of any sample products so that they cannot be handled, but will be available upon request. The sofa will be covered by a throw, so that I can wash it at a high temperature after every use. 

~  I will wear full medical grade personal protective equipment whilst in the studio, including N95 masks (when photographing newborns), visors, aprons etc. I will expect all clients (except those being photographed) to do the same. Entry to the studio will be refused should a client not have the correct protective equipment.

~  Hand washing facilities will be available in the utility room. Soap and hand sanitiser will be available and everyone will be asked to wash their hands before entering the studio.

If I have experience any covid-19 symptons no matter how mild, I will self isolate in accordance with government guidelines. All sessions will be rescheduled. If a client or any member of their household are showing any symptoms I will ask them to notify me as soon as possible and their session will be rescheduled.

These new set of operating procedures will be in place as soon as the studio re-opens to ensure the safety of everyone who visits. Anyone not compliant to the new operating procedures will be asked to leave the studio. For the full list of procedures please follow the link below


Risk Assessment

To enable the studio to re-open safely I have put together a risk assessment. I have highlighted all potential risks and how I plan to mitigate them. Full Risk Assessment available upon request.


The studio will follow the guidelines and will act upon them immediately if there are any changes during the outbreak and beyond. If you have any questions, concerns or would like to discuss options for your session, please feel free to contact me. I am really looking forward to hearing from you.  

Any questions?


I have been a specialist newborn photographer since 2017 and have loved developing my business to become one of the leading international newborn photographers.

I have had clients visit me from all over the world, the most recent from Switzerland. During the last three years I have had the honour of photographing over 300 babies and won countless awards for my work through The Guild of Photographers, including Top 10 International Newborn and Baby Photographer 2018 and 2019 and runner up image of the year 2019. In addition I am the preferred newborn and baby photographer for Mamas and Papas UK.

I am a qualified member of The Guild in Newborn and Baby Photography. I am an approved ambassador for the Guild giving guidance and help to aspiring photographers to achieve their dreams. I am also a member of The Baby and Newborn Network who promote the safe working practices in Newborn Photography. I am trained in first aid and refresh my training annually. 

I pride myself on the highest standard of imagery and will provide you with an individual service that you will love.


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